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The perfect combination is what matters

The hardware selection helps you ensure capacity and basic functionality, while the software selection and features help you customize your project to meet your individual requirements. The perfect combination ensures your success! That is why serverloft attaches particular importance to provide you with the best features: technically excellent, easy to use and yet affordable.

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Advanced Network - up to 32 additional IP addresses available

serverloft’s Advanced Network gives you the option of ordering up to 32 additional IP addresses. This feature can be booked as an extra to your server.

No minimum contract periods apply for serverloft Advanced Networks. The routing for your additional IP addresses can be easily changed between your servers through our serverloft Panel. For all pricing details please contact our sales staff.

Dedicated 1 Gbit/s switch port - Optimize the connection

The dedicated 1 Gbit/s port provides you with the maximum, exclusive bandwidth of 1000 Mbit/s. This enables, for instance, fast downloads even with numerous requests and large files.

Our CustomServers allow you to decide whether you would like to use a fast 100 Mbit/s connection or the full power of your own 1 Gbit/s switch port. Conveniently choose your uplink speed in the server configurator.



Customer Panel - Your control center

The Customer Panel allows you keep your server under control in any situation. The following functions make it particularly convenient to control your project:

Restart: Reboot

Reboot allows you to restart your system at any time, fully automatically and within seconds. Decide for yourself whether you prefer soft or hard reboot. After each restart, our system automatically checks whether your server is available again and ensures that everything is up and running as quickly as possible again.

OS installation: Restore

Restore enables you to use your customer interface to request a new installation of your server, which is then performed immediately and fully automatically. For this fresh installation, you have the options to select various Linux or Windows operating systems.

Repair: Recovery

If your data becomes unavailable over the Internet for any reason, you always have the option of accessing the emergency recovery system to trace potential problems immediately. To restore server accessibility, you can modify the system configuration, for example.

Server statistics: Stats

Stats provides a convenient graphical and numerical overview of the data transfer your server has generated. Use the web interface at any time to access a complete graphical evaluation of the generated data transfer, which can be itemized according to individual IP addresses and intervals from 24 hours to a month.

Reverse entries: DNS

Many mail servers only accept incoming e-mails if the sender’s IP address has a specific reverse DNS entry. Reverse allows you to set the reverse entry for each IP address as desired.

Automatic registration: Domains

Domain provides you with a convenient interface allowing you to carry out automatic registration of domains. It also allows you to export all data as CSV and Excel files. IDN conversion is possible.

Entries: DNS

DNS allows standard entries for domains and the mail server (MX entry) as well as a fixed entry for subdomains to the default IP.



Support: e-mail and hotline

You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year for free via e-mail ticket and our support hotline.

Your perfect combination of operating systems and control panels

With serverloft, you can set up and manage your server in any way you wish. You select the operating system of your choice from any of the free of charge Linux systems, like CentOS, Debian, Scientific Linux and Ubuntu. For an additional monthly fee we can also provide you with Microsoft Windows.

We provide most of our pre-installed operating systems with a free version of the Plesk control panel. This allows a web interface that simplifies the management of your web sites and email addresses. 

cPanel is a web-based control panel available for CentOS operating systems. cPanel gives you complete control over a vast amount of functions and helps you quickly and easily to manage your website and hosting account.

The following software combinations are possible:

Acronis Backup – A world-class backup solution

Try the one of the fastest and easiest backup solutions on the market for free. With just a few clicks you can create a backup of your server that can be used to restore your entire server, without the need to install an OS first.

Learn more about Acronis Backup

Plesk for Linux and Windows

Plesk's professional tools are available, free of charge, as an optional add-on to your serverloft server. Plesk has been specially developed to meet the needs of professional hosting service providers and IT professionals with an extensive palette of features.

Boost your revenue by hosting more customers per server and offering your resellers the opportunity of purchasing new and interesting services. Automate the evaluation of your traffic to eliminate loss and make these services available to your resellers. Use applications on your own personalized user interface, while also managing user groups and processing support requests.

Learn more about Plesk Onyx

cPanel for CentOS

cPanel is a graphical web-based control panel that helps you quickly and easily manage your website and hosting account. cPanel offers you a variety of functions to give you the best possible efficiency when working with your server. These functions include, amongst others, creating data bases, managing website files, and setting up e-mail accounts and autoresponders.

Proxmox VE – Virtualization Made Easy

With Proxmox Virtual Environment we are delivering an excellent open source platform for custom server virtualization. Promox VE combines KVM and container based virtualization that masters demanding Windows or Linux work loads giving you maximum flexibility and freedom.

Select the Proxmox VE installation template from our control panel to get started with your virtualization projects. Your virtual environments can then be installed from the Promox panel quickly and without the need for a dedicated management server.

All serverloft’s PerfectServers exceed the hardware requirements for Proxmox VE. Virtualized servers have high demands on CPU power and memory. serverloft’s PerfectServers offer a good combination of powerful CPUs and fast memory, an excellent combination for high performance applications such as Proxmox VE.

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Become a reseller

Start up your own business without investing in software solutions or server management. Our reseller program is open to anyone interested in starting a hosting business or companies that wish to expand their range of products and services.

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Configure your server

Your project requires a custom solution? You have the option to configure your dedicated server with custom components, making it perfectly suited to your needs and your business. Contact us and benefit from our conditions.

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Managed Hosting

Should you require other services in the context of a managed hosting solution, our friends from Nimblu, offering Premium Managed Cloud Hosting are there for you and will gladly advise you. Do not hesitate to contact them.

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